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If you are interested in working and playing Gaelic football in London, North London Shamrocks (NLS) can help make the transition easier for you by securing you with a good job with prospects and assisting you in trying to find accommodation, if necessary.


We have a number of sponsors and partners in various industries through out London and through our connections and our ethos as a club that looks after our players, we will always look to provide you with whatever assistance you might need to get you started and convince you that London and the North London Shamrocks is the place for you.

The following work positions are available through our club contacts:

  • Recruitment Consultants – Sales

  • Recruitment Consultants – Labour Management

  • Quantity Surveyors (including Graduates)

  • Structural & Civil Engineers (including Graduates)

  • Building Surveyors (including Graduates)

  • M&E Engineers (including Graduates)

  • Resident Liaison Officers

  • Carpenters, Electricians, Plasterers & Bricklayers

  • Labourers

  • Bar staff

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